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Welcome to this Federated Wiki site for the Outlandish Academy.

#Site: gbade.pamela.outlandish.academy For the best introduction to Outlanding Academy see Trevor's Welcome Visitors page

#Introductions - Delia Pembrey MacNamara

#Pamela McLean's Learning Journey This site is for the learning journey of Pamela McLean at the Outlandish Academy. -Previous work: my First Outlandish Academy Steps

#Areas of study - AudioBoom - Courses and Resources - FEAST.fm Radio - Innovation In Africa in Education - John Dada Two Pager - Learning Passport - Pedagogy - Practical Collaboration - Practical Collaboration and the Anthropological Archive - Preparation for Mia - Thought Garden Installation - Flat Organisational Structures background information that informs the Practical Collaboration work. - My Wiki Skill Building - I'm writing every tiny scrap I learn as a "starter checklist" for helping other people. I was inspired to do this by previous similar work done to introduce basic skills to newbies elsewhere, and also after discovering that Gavin and I had each wasted hours by making the same mistake early on. - Village Conversations - Who and When - Wiki Information Pages Written by Not Pamela - Wiki Queries

#This week's actions Week beginning Monday June 19th I'm using the Outlandish Academy for my practical work with David Bovill. We're exploring Federated wiki as a collaborative working space. - See This week for details of week beginning Monday June 19th - I'm also learning to do recordings for Wiki First Recording for Wiki - I have done another recording on boom, but only know how to trim the start and finish, no idea how to chop bits out of the middle and not willing to spend more time experimenting today.

#Exploring As a student at the Outlandish Academy (based at the Federated Wiki) I don't believe it should be all work and no play. When I'm here I'll allow myself some time to simply go Exploring

#Information below: All information below comes from the original "Welcome Visitors" page

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